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Marketpress Product Importer – Released

It’s official! Version 1.0 of MarketPress Product Importer has been released. If you currently use the WPMU DEV plugin, MarketPress, and have been looking for a quick and easy way to import products to your online store, or product listing site, this is for you.

I manage several affiliate product listing sites, and couldn’t keep up with the ever changing “product data feeds” for each site. According to Aaron Edwards, lead developer for the MarketPress plugin, there are plans to include a product importer in a future release… but he just couldn’t give a specific date/time.

Since I really wanted to use MarketPress, I decided to develop a product importer specifically for MarketPress. I’m looking forward to sharing it with anyone that can use it, and of course, the WPMU Dev team. Like most initial releases, there are many items not yet integrated. The MarketPress Product Importer currently supports (basic product data, featured images, categories, tags, skus, price, sale price, and external product links).